Oh NO! Not another Sales Training

Sales and Training go hand in hand. It is important that the sales team is trained well enough before they embark on their selling journey. However, they have a lax attitude towards training.  Also, there is not quite a great intent from the sales to attend a sales training session. This article will examine why there is a difference in the approach of training and what actions need to be taken to reduce the gap.

Any training program for the sales team must address the most important question-“Can I apply these skills now?” Adult learning principle states that an adult will learn more if he/she feels the learning will impact their day to day life. Most sales training programs fail to address this question.

Sales training modules contain simple concepts and theories that every individual is well aware of. During these programs, more information is downloaded and little focus is put in looking at how to implement the same.

One module that my company introduced was ‘Basics of body language’. While this is important for the sales team, they already knew what we were going to talk about. While eliciting participation depended on the trainer, half way through I realized this was a waste of time and effort.

Here are few important concepts that should be part of any sales training.

Role Plays: Role plays give the individual an opportunity to implement what they have acquired. Role play will also give the trainer an understanding of how much has been grasped by the participants.

Scripting: It is typical of an organization to have a prepared script for the sales team. While this is a good practice, it makes the sales person a parrot. We don’t want that now, do we? A more creative idea is to give the team a blue print of how a script should be and have them prepare their own.

The final benefit is having a sales team that has learned what impacts their day-to-day life. This knowledge will drive them to experiment in the field. The next training session will not a boring one.


3 thoughts on “Oh NO! Not another Sales Training

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