Training Sales Sample Script for Objection Handling


Any training program is incomplete without objection handling. In a sales training process, objection handling becomes the core, without which sales can never happen. Training programs need to incorporate proper objection handling techniques to ensure the sales personnel is equipped to deal with any situation.

There isn’t an objection a seasoned sales person has not heard before. However, what makes him/her better among peers is the ability to guide the objection to benefit even before they are explicitly mentioned by the client.

Consider you are selling Insurance and you know the typical four main types of objections that may occur during the call.  If the common objection is “I don’t have money”, during the initial interaction with the client, the sales person should bring about the topic and mildly convert the objection to benefit.

Ex: “Sir, I do find that in most cases, the customer finds the concept of Insurance attractive, but face difficulty in securing money to invest. I do understand, but to develop a financial plan and protect your family, it’s important that we sacrifice little in our comforts and ensure our family is protected”

Training programs should enable participants to identify four common objections and develop scripts that would tackle the objection before they arise.


Agenda for Objection Handling

  • What are Objections?
  • What are the four main/common objections you face in sales call?
  • Write two alternate scripts to handle these objections.
  • Role Play with your partner and understand if your script is bringing you closer to the sale.
  • If not, re-work on your script.

Sample Script

  1. Mr. Client Name, One of the main concerns my client raised before they invested/bought (here, you are implying the client finally bought), is probable objection. However, once they invested/bought, they realized benefits.
  2. Mr. Client Name, One interesting query that commonly arises among my clients is the probable objection (here, you are implying that it’s a query and not a concern). While I do agree to the point (never disagree with a client), the benefits like mention the uniqueness often surpasses the query. Over a period of time, you will realize the same.

Having participants develop the script and practice it through role play is crucial. Without actually experiencing the benefit of the concept, they will not use it during an actual sales call.

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